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Do you have a Sponsor ID?

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Great! Now we’re going to determine your eligibility by asking you some basic information

Getting to know you helps us work out the best options for you.

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What is your zip Code?

If where you stay changes regularly, enter the zip code for where you’d like service right now.

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Do you receive any of these benefits?

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You qualify for the ACP program [i] i if you receive any of these benefits.

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How many people live in your household?

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Is your total household income less than $XX,XXX?

You will need to upload documentation to qualify for a Thrive phone based on your income.

How do I prove my income level?

You will need your last three pay stubs or a tax return showing that your total annual income.

Questions 4 - 5

What form of ID can you provide?

While you don’t need this on-hand now, you will need it later in the application if your eligibility is approved. Tip: We have found that using a Social Security Number when applying for ACP gives the fastest approval.

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What is a Tribal ID? [i] i

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There are many ways to prove your identity

You can use any government-issued ID with your full name and date of birth (for example, a green card, consular ID or a military ID). Chat with a specialist about your options

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What is your full name?

Enter your full legal name as it appears on government issued documents like a driver's license.

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What is your date of birth

Your date of birth helps us gather your basic information to determine eligibility.

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Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number

This information is used to verify your eligibility for US Government benefits.

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What is your current phone number?

Unsure of your current number or don’t have one? Just leave this blank and press Next.

Questions 9 - 14

Would you like to keep your existing phone number?

Porting is the process that allows us to move your phone number from your old phone to your new Thrive phone.

Thrive Mobile makes porting [i] your phone number quick and easy.

Questions 10 - 14

Would you consider porting your existing number for any of the following rewards?

Porting your number helps you stay connected to the people who matter most.

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What type of phone do you currently use?

Let us know what type of phone you have so we can customize your onboarding experience.

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Who is your current cellphone carrier?

Knowing your carrier helps us create a better porting experience.

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What is your email address?

Sharing your email helps us stay connected. We use email to share updates about your plan.

Questions 14 - 14

How did you hear about Thrive Mobile?

Questions 14 - 14

How did you hear about Thrive Mobile?

Questions 14 - 14

Are you already using the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)?

ACP is a US government benefit for your home internet or wireless bill.

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